Media Wizard is a powerful, all-in-one, multimedia application supporting:

Managing Audio and Video Files

Media Wizard supports all popular multimedia formats for playback to include:

For video formats, the software provides advanced zooming and full-screen modes. You can easily resize the video window, a feature that allows for precise zoom adjustment. You can also adjust playback speed and position.

When you click the File menu, you can access many features for managing audio and video files:

When you click Open on the File menu, a dialog box appears in which you can select the media file or playlist you want Media Wizard to play or open.

When you open a media file or playlist, the following options are available in the main window:



The Playback menu contains standard controls for accessing your media. See the Playback topic for more details.


The Playlist menu gives you the ability to create your own symphony of favorite songs and videos for your listening and viewing pleasure. You can combine both audio and video files within the same playlist. Since Media Wizard supports all popular formats, the creation of playlist(s) is limited only by your imagination. See the Playlist topic for more details.


When you click the Conversions menu, you can access easy-to-use, yet very powerful, features for converting one file type to another. Both audio and video formats can be converted. Supported conversions include the following:

On the Conversions menu, you can also access power video editing and conversion features including a Video Converter, Video Constructor, and Video Decompiler.

Customizing Media Wizard

Blaze Media Pro provides many options for customizing the program to suit your needs. Additional features include complete drag and drop support and a fully skinnable interface.

Getting Help

The Help menu displays many commands for getting additional support on how to use the software and contacting CDH Productions.