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Supported Formats

Image Explorer Pro strives to support all formats. Chances are Image Explorer Pro will read or write the format of your choice. If it doesn't, let us know, and we will attempt to implement support for your specific format.

Here are SOME of the Supported Formats:

ANI- Windows Animated Cursor Resource|*.ani

ATT- AT&T Group 4 Bitmap|*.att
AVI- Windows Video|*.avi
AWD- Microsoft FAX|*.awd
BMP- Windows or OS/2 Bitmap|*.bmp
BRK- Brooktrout|*.301; *.brk
CAL- CALS Raster|*.cal
CDR- CorelDRAW® Graphics|*.cdr; *.cdt
CEL- Autodesk CEL|*.cel
CGM- Computer Graphics Metafile|*.cgm
CLP- Microsoft Windows Clipboard Resource|*.clp
CMP- LEAD Image Format|*.cmp
CMX- Corel Presentations Exchange Image|*.cmx
CUR- Windows Cursor|*.cur
CUT- Dr. Halo|*.cut
DCM- DICOM Medical Imaging|*.dcm; *.dic
DCX- Multi-page PCX File Format|*.dcx
DIB- Windows or OS/2 DIB|*.dib
DRW- DRaWing Micrografx Designer|*.drw
DXF- Autodesk Drawing Interface|*.dxf
EPS- Encapsulated PostScript Raster|*.eps
EXF- Fuji EXIF|*.exf;*.exif
FAX- Raw FAX Format|*.fax
FLC- File Animation|*.fli; *.flc; *.flic
FPX- Kodax FlashPix|*.fpx
GEM- Ventura/GEM Drawing|*.gem
GIF- Compuserve Gif|*.gif
HPGL- Hewlett-Packard Graphics|*.plt
HPGL2- Hewlett-Packard Graphics (version 2)|*.plt
ICA- IOCA Image Object Content Architecture|*.ica;*.ioca
ICO- Windows Icon|*.ico;*.icn
IFF- Interchange File Format|*.iff
ILBM- Deluxe Paint|*.lbm
IMG- Gem Paint|*.img
IMJ- Pegasus Image Corp|*.imj
IMT- IMNET Graphics|*.imt
ITG- Intergraph Format|*.itg
JBG- JBIG Lossless Imaging Format|*.jbg
JIF- JPEG - JFIF Compliant|*.jif;*.jiff;*.jfif
JPG- JPEG - JFIF Compliant|*.jpg;*.jpe;*.jpeg
JTIF- JPEG - JTIF Compliant|*.jtif
KFX- Kofax Group 4|*.kfx
LV- Laser Data Exchange|*.lv
MAC- MacPaint|*.mac
MNG- Multiple Network Graphics|*.mng
MOV- Apple Quicktime Movie|*.mov
MPG- MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 Video|*.mpe;*.mpg;*.mpeg
MSP- Microsoft Paint|*.msp
PBM- Portable Bitmap|*.pbm
PCC- ZSoft Paint|*.pcc
PCD- Kodak Photo CD|*.pcd
PCT- Macintosh PICT|*.pct;*.pict
PCX- Zsoft Paintbrush|*.pcx;*.dcx
PGM- Portable Graymap|*.pgm
PIC- PC Paint|*.pic
PNG- Portable Network Graphics|*.png
PNM- Portable Anymap File Format|*.pnm
PPM- Portable Pixelmap|*.ppm
PSD- Adobe Photoshop|*.psd
RAS- Sun Raster Images|*.ras
RAW- Raw File Format|*.raw
RLE- Windows or CompuServe|*.rle
SCX- ColorRIX SCX|*.scx
SGI- SGI Image File Format|*.sgi
TGA- Truevision Targa|*.tga;*.targa
TIFF- Tagged Image File Format|*.tif;*.tiff
WFX- Winfax Image|*.wfx
WMF- Windows Metafile|*.wmf;*.emf
WPG- WordPerfect Raster|*.wpg
XBM- XBitMap|*.xbm
XPM- XPicMap|*.xpm
XWD- X Window Dump|*.xwd

Image Explore Pro supports over 70 formats including many more less common Miscellaneous formats.