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The Product ID can be located by running the trial version of the software, clicking the "Help" menu, and selecting the "Purchase" option. The Product ID will be listed in the lower-left corner of the resulting window. If your trial period has expired, this window will display automatically when attempting to access the program. If you have not already downloaded the Media Wizard trial version, please do so now and follow the above instructions for obtaining the Product ID.
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Upgrade Protection

Upgrade protection keeps you up-to-date with the latest major software releases of Media Wizard. Simply purchase a one or two year term now and when a new major release is available, you will have the option to upgrade at no extra cost, saving you both money and time.

As always, minor software updates to the major version purchased will be available to you at no additional cost.


Special Bundling Discounts

With the purchase of Media Wizard, you can also order the below software at reduced cost! Hover your mouse over any product name below for more information.
AudioEdit Deluxe - 25% Off @ $30.00 USD
Blaze MediaConvert - 25% Off @ $30.00 USD
ContextConvert Pro - 25% Off @ $30.00 USD
AutoImager - 25% Off @ $45.00 USD
ContextImage Expert - 40% Off @ $15.00 USD
AudioAlchemy MP3 Edition - 30% Off @ $13.96 USD
AudioAlchemy OGG Edition - 30% Off @ $13.96 USD
AudioAlchemy WAV Edition - 30% Off @ $13.96 USD
AudioAlchemy WMA Edition - 30% Off @ $13.96 USD
Blaze ImgConvert - 30% Off @ $20.96 USD
Ameri-Imager - 30% Off @ $27.96 USD
Image Explorer Pro - 30% Off @ $35.00 USD
GraFX Saver Pro - 35% Off @ $48.75 USD

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Merchant Name Mystik Media
Description Media Wizard
Product Price $50.00 USD
Total Amount $50.00 USD
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