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How To Register

Registration of Image Explorer Pro is $50.00 (US) and entitles you to a Registration ID via E-mail. The Registration ID will usually be sent within a few hours after registration.

When registering Image Explorer Pro, you will need to provide the System ID within your copy of Image Explorer Pro. (A field is present on the online order form) The System ID can be found by selecting the Help menu and choosing Purchase. When ordering via any other method, you will need to include this information with your order.
For your convenience, there are several ways to purchase Image Explorer Pro:

® CDH Productions (* Make sure your Internet connection is active before clicking the link.)

® Regular Postal ("Snail") Mail:

Please , fill out the above form, and mail it to:

CDH Productions
296 Captain Beam Blvd
Hampstead, NC 28443 USA

Limitations of Unregistered Version:
Image Explorer Pro is a fully functional during the trial period.

No one likes to be nagged. Therefore no nag screens are present within the application until expiration. However, Image Explorer Pro will cease to function after 15 days.

Upon purchase, you will receive a Registration ID which will unlock your existing version to fully registered.