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Image Plug-ins

Clicking this or pressing (Shift+I) will open the apply plug-in window with the currently selected image in it.  Although plug-ins are included with Image Explorer Pro, additional plug-ins are available for download at the Image Explorer Pro's Website.  Most Adobe Photoshop plug-ins will work with Image Explorer Pro providing they do not call the Photoshop API directly. Please note that CDH Productions did not create the included plug-ins or the plug-ins available for download.  The developers of the plug-ins were generous enough to allow us to include them in Image Explorer Pro for your convenience.  Below are the menus for the Apply Plug-In Filter Window.  Click on the different items for detailed descriptions.

File Menu:

Image bm80.JPG

Edit Menu:

Image bm81.JPG

View Menu:

Image bm82.JPG