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Image Color Resolution

Clicking this or pressing (Shift+Home) will change the color resolution of you image according to the settings you choose.  

Depending on the color depth you select different options are available to customize the output.

For 1-Bit through 8-Bit you can select a dither method and palette.  The dithering choices are Floyd Stein, Stucki, Burkes, Sierra, Stevenson Arce, Jarvis, Clustered, Ordered, and none.  The palette choices are Fixed, Optimized, Windows Identity, and Netscape Fixed.

For 16-Bit through 32-Bit you can select the color order.  The color order choices are Blue-Green-Red or Red-Green-Blue.

A preview area is available which allows you to view what the resulting image will look like before making the changes.

Bit Table:  1-bit:   Black & White
  4-bit:   16 colors (VGA)
  8-bit:   256 grayscale colors
  8-bit:   256 colors (paletted)
  16-bit:   65,536 colors
  24-bit:   16 million colors (16,777,216)
  32-bit:   4.3 billion colors (4,294,967,296)

Note that you can determine the exact number of colors as follows:
8-bit is 256
16-bit is 256x256
24-bit is 256x256x256
32-bit is 256x256x256