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Batch Resizer Options

Maintain Aspect Ratio: Selecting this option will keep the proportions of the image when resizing.  If the image height is adjusted by 50% then the image width is adjusted by 50% and vice versa.  This works when enlarging or reducing.

Resample: Choosing this option will change the storage requirements of the image, often producing a better quality image.  When resampling the pixels in the image are "resampled" using a bilinear interpolation algorithm.  Although this usually produces a better quality image than the Resize method, it takes longer to perform the task.

Overwrite Source Files When Resizing: Selecting this option will overwrite the original file with the new resized file.  Note:  The original file will not longer be available if you select this option.

Width: Enter the width you want to resize the image to in this field.

Height: Enter the height you want to resize the image to in this field.