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Rotate Current Image

Select this feature if you want to rotate the image currently being displayed.  You can choose to rotate (turn) the image Right 90 degrees (Shift+F2), which is a one quarter turn clockwise (from 12 to 3 on a clock), Left 90 degrees (Shift+F3), which is one quarter turn counter clockwise (from 12 to 9 on a clock), or set your own rotation factor.

Custom Rotate (Shift+F4): This method will allow you to choose how much you want to rotate an image.  The resulting window makes it very easy to produce exactly the rotation you want since a preview is displayed in real-time as you move the slider, with the image rotating to the current angle.

This method has the following features:

** It uses the center of the bitmap as the center of rotation.
** It can rotate the bitmap clockwise or counterclockwise up to 360 degrees in hundredth-of-a-degree increments.
** It can resize the bitmap to accommodate the rotated height and width, or it can retain the original height and width, cropping the bitmap as necessary.
** It lets you specify the background color to fill any new area created by the rotation.

This is a great feature when creating images for animated GIFs.