Step 5: Publish
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Now that you have chosen all the files and effects you want in your screen saver, it is time to build your screen saver package. On the Step 5 tab, enter the screen saver package file name in the Build Name box. Browse and select the Build Folder in which your screen package will be stored. You are now ready to publish. Click the Build Screen Saver button to create your screen saver. When you build a screen saver, GraFX Savor Pro creates an .EXE installation file.

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When you edit a screen saver project file that has already been published, you need to rebuild the screen saver package for the changes to take effect.  
Burning a CD or DVD

GraFX Saver Pro makes it easy to burn a CD or DVD for easy distribution of your screen saver installation packages. On the Step 5 tab, enter the Build Name and Build Folder; then click Burn Auto-Run CD/DVD Disc to display the Burner Drive Selection dialog. Select the CD/DVD Burner drive to use and the appropriate drive speed from the dropdown lists. If you want to ensure that you can burn a disc with no problems, check the Enable Test mode box to simulate a burn without actually burning to the disc. For under-run buffer protection, check Enable Burn-Proof Mode. Check Auto-Eject CD Upon Completion if you want the CD to eject automatically when you have finished burning it. Click OK to burn the CD or DVD.  
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